Exciting Platform Updates to Catlog

Exciting Platform Updates to Catlog

At Catlog, we’re always working to make things easier for businesses. So, we've made some changes to Catlog that businesses will find helpful.

These updates are designed to simplify selling and managing daily operations.

Payment Statements

Managing finances can be challenging. That's why we've introduced “Payment Statements”.

Payment Statements helps businesses get a detailed history of their finances, manage their earnings and create reports to track income and understand their financial performance better, helping them make smart business decisions.

Recording Orders

Whenever businesses receive orders offline or via chat from social media platforms, they can now record them on Catlog.

With this update, businesses would no longer need to keep records on papers or note apps. This also makes it easy for them to keep track of information, get analytics and stay organized.

Marking Orders as Paid

Businesses can now easily see which orders are paid for and which are unpaid. Also, marking orders as paid is easy, eliminating confusion and saving time.

Exporting Orders as Excel

Businesses can now export their orders as Excel files. This allows them to work with their data in any way they like and better understand how their business is doing.

Payment Validates Orders

Dealing with unpaid orders can be frustrating. Businesses on Catlog can now mitigate this by enabling “Payment Validates Order” on their store.

This means that if an order isn’t paid for within a specified timeframe, it is automatically cancelled, and the depleted stock is automatically replenished.

This way, businesses never have to worry about manually cancelling unpaid orders.

As always, our goal is to help businesses sell easily on social media. if you’d like to start using Catlog, sign up here: https://app.catlog.shop

Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more exciting updates soon.

Happy selling!