Introducing Payments & Invoices In Ghana 🇬🇭

Introducing Payments & Invoices In Ghana 🇬🇭

Since our soft launch in Ghana, Catlog has been dedicated to helping merchants sell easily, we’ve helped them save time by cutting out saved time by cutting out all the back-and-forth conversations and sending several product pictures and helped businesses grow. However, we recognized that there was still one crucial missing component: the ability to collect payments directly from customers Catlog stores.

Solving the Payment Problem

Previously, after receiving order details via WhatsApp, merchants still had to go a step further to send their payment details to customers to make payment. Merchants had to tell customers how to pay, and then they had to show them proof that they paid. It was a lot of work. We understood the stress and inefficiency associated with this, and we've been hard at work to take away these challenges and make it easy for merchants to collect payments directly from customers on their stores.

Introducing Payments & Invoices

We're excited to announce that as a Ghanaian merchant, you can now seamlessly collect payments directly on your Catlog store.  Now, customers can seamlessly browse your Catlog store, place orders, and make payments—all in one place, right on your store.

With Payments and Invoices on Catlog, you can:

Collect Payments for Orders: As a Ghanaian merchant, you can now collect payments securely on your Catlog store. Customers can choose to pay using Mobile Money (compatible with all networks) or with their debit cards. Additionally, customers can share a payment link with their friends for payments on their behalf. This means no more redirecting customers or dealing with the stress of confirming payments manually.

Receive Payments Using Invoice Links: For those instances when you need to request payments for custom orders, Catlog's Invoice Links come to the rescue. Generating and sending these links to customers is now easy. Customers can simply click the link, make the payment, and you'll receive the funds.

Generate Professional Invoices: Maintaining professionalism is important in running a business. With our new invoice feature, creating professional invoices for orders placed on your store is easier than ever. These invoices come with your business logo and details and helps you keep a well-organized record of all transactions, enhancing your business's credibility.

Generate Receipts for Payments: When customers make payments through Catlog, a downloadable PDF receipt is also generated for the transaction. You can also create receipts for all orders, regardless of whether they were paid for on your Catlog store or by other means. Generating receipts ensures transparency and professionalism throughout the transaction process and builds trust between you and your customers.

How to Get Started

All you need to do is visit your Dashboard and tap on "Enable Payments" to activate Payments on your store.

Enabling Payment and Invoice on your Catlog store is a big step in making business easier. These improvements not only save time but also reduces the time and energy need for customers to complete orders, which makes them happier and in turn allows you to take more orders with ease.

Once again, our goal at Catlog is to help you grow your business on social media. We have more updates coming soon and we can’t wait to share them with you. If you have any questions or need any assistance please reach out to us via email at or on WhatsApp.