Introducing Referrals & Catlog Credits! 🎉

Introducing Referrals & Catlog Credits! 🎉

It's always nice to share exciting things with friends, right? Now, imagine if every time you did that, you earned some extra cash.

That's exactly what Referrals on Catlog allows you do! 🎉

When you tell other business owners about Catlog, you're not only spreading the word, but you're also putting money in your pocket. It's like getting paid for sharing good stuff!

With your Catlog Credits, you can:

  1. Pay for Your Catlog Subscription: Use your credits to cover your Catlog subscription costs with ease.
  2. Convenient Deliveries: Book deliveries easily on Catlog at discounted prices. [Coming Soon]
  3. SMS Marketing: Boost your customer engagement by sending marketing SMS using your earned Catlog credits. [Coming Soon]

How does it work?

  1. Share Your Unique Referral Code: Using your personalized referral code, invite all your friends who are business owners to join Catlog.
  2. Earn Cash: When they sign up and subscribe using your referral code, you earn NGN 500 or GHS 10 in Catlog Credits. You win, they win!

You also earn more credits when you collect payments through Catlog and reach milestones.

How to get your referral code

  1. Log in to your Catlog account.
  2. Go to your dashboard
  3. Click on Catlog Credits
  4. Copy your referral code and share

And that’s it, simple and easy.

Sharing is caring, and it's even better when sharing earns you money! Spread the word about Catlog and start earning money here! 💜