New Updates to Catlog ✨

New Updates to Catlog ✨

We've been working hard to make selling on Catlog even better, We're excited to announce some amazing new features that we know you'll love!

1. Multiple Currencies

Expanding your business internationally is now easier than ever. With this new feature, you can offer prices in various currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, and more. Your international customers can simply toggle their preferred currency to view product prices in a way that suits them best.

Note: While you can display your products in different currencies you can only collect payments in NGN at the moment. We're working on enabling payments in Ghana and also for USD and EUR.

2. Instagram Checkout

We've heard your feedback, and now you can make it super convenient for your customers to place orders through your Instagram DMs. Simply add your Instagram handle as a checkout option, and you're good to go! Now you can receive orders on Instagram just like you do on WhatsApp, making it even easier to connect and serve your valued customers.

3. Store Maintenance Mode

We understand that your store needs some care and attention from time to time. With our new Maintenance Mode feature, you can put your store on a temporary break while you upload new products or take some time off. Don't worry about losing customers; your store link will remain active, and anyone visiting your store during maintenance will receive a friendly notification about the ongoing updates.

4. Minimum Order Value for Coupon

Take control of your coupons with this exciting update! You can now set a minimum number of products required for the coupon code to be valid. It's a clever way to motivate customers to buy more, and in return, they get fantastic discounts with their coupons.

5. Order Notes

Gathering specific instructions or preferences from your customers during the checkout process is now a breeze with the new Order Notes feature. This allows you to receive all the necessary order information directly, without customers having to finalize it in the DM.

We hope you're as thrilled about these new features as we are! They are designed to enhance your selling experience and help you reach more customers effortlessly. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates coming your way soon!