We showered our merchants with love for Valentine's and they didn't even have to ask

We showered our merchants with love for Valentine's and they didn't even have to ask

At Catlog, we do more than help businesses sell better online with solutions that make it easy for them to showcase their products, accept payments, manage orders, offer discounts and issue receipts to their customers.

We also believe that every business deserves a little TLC – that is Tender, Loving Care, for the people who do not know. Especially during these, well, let's just say "interesting" times. So, for Valentine's Day, we decided to ditch the tech talk and get a little creative. Our campaign, "Your Business Deserves Love Too" wasn't just about showing appreciation, it was about reminding everyone that the love season isn't just for couples, businesses deserved some too!

Finding Our Valentine's Day Sweethearts

We wanted to shower our most dedicated merchants with appreciation, so we looked for those who had been loyal partners from the start. Smart business owners, using Catlog to their full advantage (If you know, you know).  These weren't just any businesses, they were brands that understood the challenges of entrepreneurship and utilised opportunities available to them, making them true Catlog stars. With that criteria, we selected the following businesses across Nigeria and Ghana; Queenchicfancy, Debe Empire, Bike Gear, Pancake Boss, Hopes Clothes, Mideskincare, Best Kitchen, Penguin Hairs, The Archives Ghana, Amissah Ghana, and Kelly Empire.

Curating a Gift Box Full of Appreciation

Next, we curated a gift box filled with goodies that said "We appreciate you" in every detail. We included useful items like a water bottle, notepad, tote bag, and t-shirt, all branded with thoughtful messages. We also snuck in a scented candle, sticky notes, some chocolates and snacks for good measure, because what is Valentine’s Day without sweet treats? We even went the extra mile and personalised each box with the merchant's name, adding that special touch to show them that they truly matter.

An Extra Gift for Our Merchants

To further express our gratitude to our valued merchants, we included a special card in their gift boxes. This card contained a unique code that allowed them to redeem a discount on their next Catlog subscription. Our small way of further supporting their business and thanking them for being an essential part of our community.

The Feedback

The anticipation was electric as merchants received their surprise deliveries. We were bombarded with "thank you" messages, and the excitement spilt over into our community group chat – filled with lighthearted banter and genuine appreciation. This is what truly warms our hearts at Catlog: our customers knowing there's a whole team of people behind the scenes, that they can talk and connect with.

Spreading the Love Further

But of course, the love didn't stop there! We wanted to extend the Valentine's Day spirit to a wider audience. We launched a giveaway for Catlog users, offering the same amazing gift box with a pair of Crocs as the prize. The rules were simple; be a business owner signed up to Catlog, follow us, like the giveaway post and tag three other business owners to the post. Responses came in and while we wished we could choose everyone, our lucky winner jaeger_luxury was selected.

Mission accomplished

The campaign was indeed a labour of love – as countless virtual meetings were spent brainstorming, discussing messaging, and picking out the perfect gifts. We wanted to create a Valentine's Day our businesses wouldn't forget, reminding them that they are an important part of the Catlog family. After all, love isn't just for couples; it thrives in strong business relationships too.

P.S. Check out the unboxing videos from our merchants on our social media pages here, it is sure to leave you smiling.